One of the most common types of oranges, its outer peel has a closed side hole resembling the navel Seven Star Trading Company offers the Egyptian Abu Surra orange with excellent quality standards and standard specifications. The Abu Surra orange is one of the most popular varieties that must be eaten fresh because of its sweet taste and taste and easy peeling. It can be used as a salad or in baked goods, and it can also be added to dried fruits and nuts along with olives, cheese and fresh herbs. The Egyptian Abu Surra orange is one of the oldest types of orange fruits. It produces seedless fruits that are larger than most other types, with a deep orange peel and a sweet and pleasant flavour. The fruit of a navel orange is empty of seeds, it is excellent for eating fresh but not so good for juice.

  • Customs Item: 08052100
  • Sizes: 36 ، 40 ، 42 ، 48 ، 56 ، 64 ، 72 ، 80 ، 88 ، 100 ، 113
  • Packaging
  • Standard carton: 8kg net weight cartoon / 15kg Open top carton / 16kg net weight
  • Shipping: sea freight
  • Product Availability: 1st of November to the end of February

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