Sweet orange, this type of orange is characterized by its sweet taste and completely devoid of acidity The Egyptian Valencia orange is characterized by excellent quality standards and standard specifications. Valencia orange is the most famous type of orange. It is very sweet and contains a distinctive colored juice that does not contain other citrus, and many bottled orange juices are made from Valencia oranges because people love the bright color of the juice of these oranges. Here are other interesting facts about the world's most famous orange, which is the largest citrus crop in the world. The most common cultivar is Valencia, which can be a medium to large fruit with a smooth, smooth peel, that is plucked when fully ripe. They have smooth, smooth skin, which are plucked once fully mature. The bright orange fruit without seeds is the Valencia orange which is excellent in color and quality, packed with a sweet and tangy flavor and is perfect for juicing or eating fresh. Oranges are a good source of ascorbic acid and fiber. It also contains antioxidants that help boost immunity

  • Customs Item: 08051000
  • Sizes: 48،56،64،72،80،88،100،113
  • Packaging
  • Standard carton: 8kg net weight cartoon / 15kg Open top carton / 16kg net weight
  • Shipping: sea freight
  • Product Availability: 1st of January to the end of May

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